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westerling: Happy New Years 2018 to all.
01-Jan-2018 23:16:17
westerling: Seasons Greetings Everyone!!
23-Dec-2017 20:24:31
westerling: Go Eagles!!!
10-Dec-2017 14:27:00
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23-Nov-2017 22:18:38
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05-Nov-2017 13:35:07
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Latest - Chemical Weapons Fallout from Bombing in the 1991 Persian Gulf War

MP News Epidemiological Evidence of Health Effects from Long-Distance Transit of Chemical Weapons Fallout from Bombing Early in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

During or immediately after the 1991 Persian Gulf War, a large proportion (perhaps 25%) of the approximately 700,000 deployed US military personnel developed an unusual illness manifested by fatigue, fever and night sweats, memory and concentration problems, pathogen-free diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, chronic body pain and other symptoms compatible with autonomic nervous system dysfunction and damage to the brain’s cholinergic system referred to as Gulf War illness.

Read More Here

Posted by westerling on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 (16:52:55) (1821 reads)
Military Working Dog Teams National Monument

MP News Military Working Dog Teams National Monument.

Saluting our nation's four footed hero soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and coast guards for saving countless thousands of American lives since World War II.

I had the pleasure of working with some great MWD Teams during the mid/late 80's from Miesau as they assisted us in K-Town at U.S. Forces Police Station along with some MWD teams from Ramstein and Sembach AB, and later while at Ft McClellan MP Co and also Stuttgart PMO from 88-91.

Posted by westerling on Sunday, December 09, 2012 (17:43:12) (1577 reads)
Read More... |
Military Experience to Civilian Skills Translator

MP News Handy tool I found to convert or translate your military experience to civilian skills.
All branches of service and job titles by plain text or MOS/AFQC etc.

Check out the Military Experience to Civilian Skills/Jobs Translator

Posted by westerling on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 (16:00:05) (1701 reads)
Military Pay Charts from 1949-2011

MP News Forgot what your first months military pay was way back when?
Want a story to tell your kids and grandchildren - "Back when I was in the Army we only got paid $2 a month... " or simply doing research.
Check out Historical Military Pay Rates from 1949-2011

Posted by westerling on Tuesday, October 09, 2012 (11:43:44) (1963 reads)
Stars and Stripes

MP News Link to Stars and Stripes along with Army Times added for members.

Posted by westerling on Thursday, September 27, 2012 (23:15:55) (1838 reads)
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