Warrior Police Challenge 2008
Saturday, May 03, 2008 (00:07:38)

Posted by westerling

jababnmp wrote:
USAMPS hosted the Warrior Police Challenge last week here at Fort Leonard Wood. Here are the results;

The MP Corps Regiment held a very successful Warrior Police Challenge (formerly called Warfighter) last week. I wanted to pass on the results so we all know who has bragging rights for the next year. The Challenge consisted of 9 events and at the award ceremony each event winner was recognized as well as the 1st, 2d, and 3d place overall. We had 29 teams compete, 23 active and 6 reserve component.

1st Place- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
2d Place- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX
3d Place- Team 14, 289th MP Co, Ft Myer, VA

Event 1 Physical Fitness Assessment- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
Event 2 Obstacle Course- Team 8, 705th MP Bn, Ft Leavenworth, KS
Event 3 Law and Order- Team 1, 508th MP Bn, Ft Lewis, WA
Event 4 Field Craft- Team 24, 25th ID, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
Event 5 M9/M4 Weapons Proficiency- Team 12, 342d MP Bn, Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Event 6 Live Fire Shoot House- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
Event 7 Team Weapons Proficiency- Team 22, 709th MP Bn, Grafenwoehr, GE
Event 8 Written Examination- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX
Event 9 Endurance March- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX

MPRA SSG Timothy Nien Award- awarded to team that best demonstrates the drive and determination to overcome any obstacles- Team 3, 724th MP Bn, Ft Lauderdale, FL. Team 3 trained and redeployed from Afghanistan for the competition and was the top placing reserve component team which included a 2d place in the shoothouse event.

Challenge pictures, video, and the briefings from the Strategic leaders Forum will be posted on the AKO USAMPS site. Please share these results and our thanks with all of the leaders that made this happen. Thanks you all for your great support of this event and our MP Corps Regiment.

CSM Jeff Butler
Military Police Regimental Command Sergeant Major

~ Added by Site Administrator for Regimental CSM Butler as this is awesome news to share with everyone in the Corp (Past or Present) and to CSM Butlers' credit. Thank You CSM Butler.

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