Spoofed Presidential Campaign Sites!
Saturday, November 03, 2007 (01:36:05)

Posted by westerling

Be aware of spoofed presidential campaign sites!

Perpetrators have been busy setting up spoofed (fake) presidential candidate sites designed to lure unwary voters into parting with their money, their personal data or both.

These sites are designed to look like legitimate candidate Web pages, with solicitations for visitors to click on links, make donations or download screen savers and videos.

Those who click on the poisoned links can get infected with a variety of spyware programs and other malware programs.

One such malicious program is a Trojan horse called Zlob.
Zlob and many others are designed to deploy various malware tools capable of giving attackers remote access to a compromised systems, or stealing keystrokes and passwords.

Just thought I would pass it on in hopes of preventing anyone here at the site of becoming a victim.

Content received from: The Military Police Homepage, http://www.militarypolice.com