For "spammers" hitting this site
Sunday, February 25, 2007 (21:58:49)

Posted by westerling

Update - 03-04-2007
Apparently 5 folks from 5 different IP addresses didn't get my drift.
Hopefully they will take over someone elses home or business computer as those 5 IP addresses have been banned from our server, unless they somehow get "root".
In the meantime, I hope the DDoS I have launched on them or the owners of the computers that they own or hacked suffer, both financially and legally.
Lack of knowledge and/or security is no excuse nowadays.... it is old news for anyone that runs a system that is hooked to the web, especially those that let hackers take them.
End of Update

As always, I am straight and to the point - I know I recently took the Flooding Security Option down here at the site due to member complaints, but "spammers" are hitting our site, The Guestbook, to be specific.

BE FOREWARNED - as this warning includes anyone who fails to secure their systems and are shown to be attacking this website.

- No excuses are valid as this is old news that went out the windows years ago, unless, of course you can prove a "zero day" virus or something of a similar nature caused your system to attack our website.

As for those "spammers" and the idiots failing to secure their business or home computers, to include their ISP's. Several items are "logged" (not normal monitoring) when you visit our website.

Your lack of computer security knowledge, interest or caring shall from this point cause me to take your ip address(es), email address(es) and computer(s)/server(s) down.

No.... I don't report spammers or others who play illegally and I don't like to play nicely. I have found that all the "web hype" with the feds and locals here in the U.S. doesn't usually work as they are usually "clueless" and stupid.

Sorry if the truth hurts folks and that really you believe they are protecting us....

Don't make me say DHS - TSA had their website "phished" last week...... and that all of our info in their database(s) can now be "scrutinized".

Pure and simple - I will throw a (DDoS) denial of service attack against you in a heartbeat and all of the afore mentioned places you hide.

Warning - Get with the program!
Computers and the internet are nothing new, therefore, I didn't know any better isn't a valid excuse.

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