PTSD - My Life as an MP
Saturday, May 11, 2013 (23:04:21)

Posted by westerling

You Too Can Heal

While not in combat, when are most MP's not in combat? KTown, the 230th MP Co and my 1985 Rude Awakening

While on military active duty for 7 yrs and for many years after as a civilian cop I have apparently hid some things from myself. I have suffered many years over a specific death.

Sp/4 Randy Stevens RIP my friend. Randy was only 22yrs old and died of a single gunshot wound to the head on March 1, 1985. I was barely 18 and a newby MP on night shift at the time. His last weapon issued was to Pfc John Clark, if I remember right. I am all mixed up as to whether I worked day or night shift still. Guess they all run together as much as we switched shifts. Randy was locked inside our arms room and no one could get to him. Enough said.
While Randy was not an MP, he was a one who treated a newby with dignity and respect and someone I have never forgotten even after 28yrs. and many other deaths as an MP and Civilian cop as his was my 1st line of duty death as a very young MP. RIP brother.

I drank, I drank more and within a year tried to set my self on fire while drinking one night apparently, I really don't remember.
AngryPistols - Thank You brother, as well as Schumann and Watts.

AngryPistols, Carol, John Clark, John Curtis, Danny, Sparky and a few others were there at the time of Randy's death as well, if you suffered too - I have finally acknowledged and the video I have attached has helped somewhat.
I thought after all these years I had progressed. I did at one thing, not drinking, but other invisible wounds are still there apparently. I continue to work with the VA and will never stop as long as I need treatment for this event and some others. Yeah I am broke.

To all those MP's, non combat - combat, current - from other eras, who still suffer from that "ghost" as Gordon Lightfoot puts it in his music during the video, there is help and a way to peace and tranquility.
Contact me personally if you need to.
May the video I have linked above inspire those like me who needed help.. get it.
Sincerely, Westy

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