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Just in case any of you were wondering exactly who I am it was suggested I write a little something about myself for this page. My name is Steve Blackwell. I am a 34 year old married father of two. I reside in Hampton, Virginia where I decided to settle after I ETS'd from the Fort Monroe MP Activity in 1992. I grew up as an Army brat so I moved around a bit. My father was in Air Defense so we spent some time at Ft. Bliss, 2 tours in Germany, and the rest at Ft. Hood, Texas. I lived in Harker Heights, outside of Ft. Hood, for 9 years, from 1977 to 1986, graduating from Killeen High School. 

I enlisted in the Army and was shipped out to Ft. McClellan for my training in November of 1986. I was assigned to D. Co., 795th MP Bn., 1st Platoon on November 13, 1986 and graduated MP School on April the 1, 1987. From there I was assigned to Grafenwohr, Germany where the 536th MP Co. was located where I served with a number of great people, many of whom I am in touch with and many others I am still looking for. 

I left Germany in May of 1989 after re-enlisting for 3 more years on April the 5th. My next and last official duty station was Ft. Monroe, Virginia, which is the headquarters for TRADOC. The MP Unit there was small, called an MP Activity. Its primary mission is law enforcement and performing as the TRADOC Honor Guard for monthly retirement ceremonies. I was sent TDY to Ft. Lee in January of 1990 to assist the PMO in law enforcement while Ft. Lee's tenant MP Co., the 555th MP Co. was deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause. I returned to Ft. Monroe in May of 1990 until I ETS'd on April the 4, 1992. 

I was married in September of 1991 to Teresa Jarboe, a Surgical Technologist in the Air Force and was recruited by the Dept. Of Veteran's Affairs Police Department here at the VA Medical Center in Hampton where I was a Police Officer from 1992 to 1999, then Detective and a Firearms Instructor/Armorer/PR-24 Instructor from 1999 to 2001. In March I left the Law Enforcement field and now am the Information Security Officer safeguarding the VA's computer network and data from insider and outsider threats.

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